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Engage an Expert: Julie Johnson of XY Communication

Team Coaching

It’s no longer a secret! Leading organizations, large and small, work with executive coaches to support management and leadership teams for optimum performance and competitiveness. Whether you are in a time of transition, growth, or simply want an objective party with exceptional skills to come in and efficiently do a temperature check on your team’s communication, engagement, and overall productivity, Julieos the person who can assist you.

Julie is a member of, the world’s fastest growing marketplace for exceptional experts, speakers and coaches.

Gallup polls, Harvard Business studies, and many other sources prove that when there is a disconnect in communication, and/or a lack of understanding and engagement, the WHY behind your team’s mission statement and bottom line goals, your productivity and chances for success meaningfully diminish.

Contact Julie to learn more and together we will build a cohesive and well-oiled machine destined for success beyond what you may ever have known was possible.

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