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Engage an Expert: A conversation with Ra James

Ra James integrates transformational ancient wisdom for future-ready leadership. He focuses on revitalizing people and organizations globally through restoring kincentric worldview, right-relationship and aligned action.

Mentored by traditional cultural elders from around the world, Ra James has brought these global wisdom traditions forward as medicine for modern times.

Through his online group-courses, leadership guidance, speaking and consulting, he focuses on regenerating the future through non-linear thinking, deep curiosity and remembering what it truly means to be human. He asks us to remember that wisdom is far more powerful than knowledge for catalyzing transformational & innovative global change.

He is the founder of futureElders, an 8-week online unschool focused on guiding 'elders-in-training', (re)Biz, a 31-day workshop that restores right-relationship between business & Earth, and Pueo, a regenerative business consulting company.

He has worked with: The World Bank, Amazon, Ollipop, Artistree Hospitality, University of Glasgow, University of Hong Kong, CS Energy, 3 Day Startup

Ra James' page at Elevate.

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