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A Program of 
Business Connect Insider
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A Results-Oriented Program to Place Your Company on the Radar Screen of:

Customers for products, services or technology

Partners for research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales or distribution

Venture capital, private equity, angel, high-net-worth and strategic investors

It can also be used for;

Announcing company news and developments

Generating general interest in your company 


Repetition and the Rule of Seven

The marketing rule of 7's states that a potential customer must see a message at least 7 times before they'll be provoked to take an action.

We don't necessarily agree that it takes seven impressions, but it's clear that not everyone opens up their emails or social media messages right away. It's also clear that multiple impressions increase substantially the results.

For this reason we've designed our Opportunity Spotlight program as an ongoing program, not a one month production and distribution.  

The introductory cost is $395 per month, with an initial three-month committment.  After the initial three-month period, it's then month-to-month and can be canceled at anytime, which includes recording new interviews as desired. 

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Our Process

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  • Our production team will record a two to three minute professional Opportunity Spotlight video over Zoom.

  • Our post-production team will edit your Opportunity Spotlight video, including an intro slide, music, and your contact information.

DIstribution of your Opportunity Spotlight will include:

  • Publication at the Business Connect Insider website. 

  • Posting at LinkedIn and appropriate LinkedIn groups (typically 1.5+ million impressions).

  • Tweeted at Twitter.

  • Emailed to the 24,000 registered members of Business Connect Insider and on its opt in email subscriber list.

  • Optionally, if your objectives including the introduction to funding sources and investors, your Opportunity Spotlight video can be emailed to our investor database of 7000+.

  • Your Opportunity Spotlight video will be distributed through Google News, which has more than 280 million users.  

  • Your Opportunity Spotlight video will be included in two weekly editions of the Business Connect Insider email newsletter per month. 

  • We will issue a professional news release announcing your Opportunity Spotlight video, which will be syndicated to major news publications, delivered into television and newspaper newsrooms, sent directly to targeted journalists, and posted to appropriate social media.  

  • We will provide you with a royalty-free MP4 copy of your interview that you can post to your website, send to your stakeholders, customers or prospects, posted to your social media and used for other corporate purposes.  

  • If desired, we will provide you with an email template that includes your Opportunity Spotlight video that you can send to your customers, prospects, stakeholders, and potential shareholders or investors.

A Program of 

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