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 Our Opportunity Spotlight Process

The bottom line: The key  is our video interview format coupled with our proprietary distribution through our websites and newsletters

Our Opportunity Spotlight Program is a process, not unlike a manufacturing process...



A strategy call is scheduled so that we  understand your company's operations and most importantly its business and financial goals.  


We prepare a script as an outline for your Opportunity Spotlight Video. The script is forwarded to you for feedback, changes, review and approval.


Your Opportunity Spotlight Video is recorded over Google Meet. More than one representative from your company can be featured.


Post-production editing of your Opportunity Spotlight Video includes adding music, graphics, titles, your company's contact details and inserting if desired, images or video clips.


Your Opportunity Spotlight Video is posted to our Opportunity Spotlight website. Registered members receive an email alert.


We provide you with a  draft of the copy to accompany your Opportunity Spotlight Video for your review, edits and suggestions.


Your Opportunity Spotlight video is included weekly in our Opportunity Spotlight newsletter and one or more of our other newsletters:


We provide you with an MP4 copy of your Opportunity Spotlight video, which you can post to your social media, your website and for other company purposes.


We provide you with an email template featuring your Opportunity Spotlight Video. Emails can be sent to your customers or clients, prospects, and shareholders.


The primary "call  to action" is for viewers  to  contact you directly.


We are not able to track all  opens, people who watch the video, and people who then visit your website, but we are able to track some. 

We provide you with email lists of these people.  

We suggest that you send follow-up emails and provide you with a template that you can modify.

Let's have a call!

A call would be great so that we can discuss our Opportunity Spotlight program,  answer any  questions and understand your company and its objectives.

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