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SmartNews and NTT DOCOMO partner for a new era in news delivery and marketing solutions

Groundbreaking Alliance will Redefine the Future of News Delivery and Marketing Solutions

SmartNews and NTT DOCOMO, Inc. ("DOCOMO") have officially entered into a strategic partnership, heralding a new era in news delivery and marketing solutions. This collaboration seamlessly integrates SmartNews's cutting-edge news app with DOCOMO's "d ACCOUNT," laying the foundation for joint development initiatives that promise to revolutionize the landscape for partner companies.

Founded in 2012 with a mission to "deliver the world's quality information to the people who need it," SmartNews has become Japan's largest news app, serving users in both Japan and the United States. Since venturing into the advertising business in 2014 and introducing marketing solutions with coupon functions in 2018, SmartNews has consistently been at the forefront of providing innovative services to its users. DOCOMO, boasting approximately 97 million "d POINT CLUB" members, has been dedicated to offering a diverse range of services to its customer base since its inception in 1991.

SmartNews and DOCOMO will leverage each other's resources to enhance the news app experience for consumers and will collaborate in the joint development of cutting-edge marketing solutions for partner companies.

This strategic collaboration will encompass the following initiatives:

  • Starting January 2024, users can log in to their "d ACCOUNT" on the SmartNews app, enabling the accumulation of "d POINTs" through campaigns and coupon usage.

  • In Spring 2024, DOCOMO's "My Magazine" app will transition to "SmartNews for DOCOMO," offering seamless access to over 3,000 affiliated global media outlets. Users can enjoy a wide range of news content along with the convenience of features such as SmartNews Coupons and Rain Radar. Plans include pre-installation on DOCOMO's Android devices.

  • SmartNews and DOCOMO will collaborate on the development of a new marketing solution that combines the SmartNews Coupon service and d POINT campaigns. This innovative product will cater to the evolving needs of corporate customers across various industries, utilizing SmartNews's machine learning technology and DOCOMO's extensive data archive.

About SmartNews

Founded in 2012, SmartNews is a leading global information and news discovery company, dedicated to delivering quality information to the people who need it. SmartNews provides news that matters to millions of users thanks to its unique machine learning technology and relationships with more than 3,000 global publisher partners.

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NTT DOCOMO, Japan's leading mobile operator with over 87 million subscriptions, is one of the world's foremost contributors to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network technologies. Beyond core communications services, DOCOMO is challenging new frontiers in collaboration with a growing number of entities ("+d" partners), creating exciting and convenient value-added services that change the way people live and work. Under a medium-term plan toward 2020 and beyond, DOCOMO is pioneering a leading-edge 5G network to facilitate innovative services that will amaze and inspire customers beyond their expectations.

Source: SmartNews


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