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Permanent makeup company Supreme Permanent launches innovative cartridge product

The advanced technology incorporated into Supreme Cartridges has resulted in a product far superior to anything else on the market today.

Supreme Permanent, a U.S.-based company that specializes in permanent makeup supplies for professional makeup artists, is pleased to announce the launch of Permanent Makeup Supreme Cartridges With Safety Membrane, a product designed and engineered by the Supreme Permanent team itself. According to the company founders, the cartridges were created as a result of extensive research on competitors’ products. “Basically, we researched all negative feedback that other brand cartridges receive, came up with solutions to fix flaws and improve the product, and manufactured our own brand cartridges,” explains company co-founder and CEO Liudmyla Pacelli. “We are immensely proud of the results we’ve achieved, and consistently strive to provide supreme product quality and supreme customer service so our clients can excel in their careers.” Liudmyla adds that the technology used in the new cartridges is innovative and far outperforms existing products for a number of reasons: • The safety membrane protects the PMU machine from backflow and contamination • An innovative stabilization system guarantees minimum needle vibration • Solid needle fastening instantly gives more control while working on skin • And a lot more! Supreme Permanent is renowned in the industry for its diverse range of products that include imported pigments from overseas. The store carries the ever-popular Brovi brand pigments, along with a variety of other face tattoo supplies, such as pigments, permanent makeup cartridges and numbing creams. CFO and co-founder Lizaveta Mosina explains that Supreme Permanent was started in the middle of the COVID shutdown. “We really didn't expect it to grow so big,” she says. At first, their business model was to organize an international online permanent makeup conference, where American artists would be able to learn from Russian artists, without the need to travel overseas. “At that time, this was something new, since no one else was doing conferences like that online. But COVID hit, and all the major conference organizers started doing their conferences online, so we stood no chance.” After selling only a couple of tickets, Liudmyla and Lizaveta decided to bring a popular brand of permanent makeup pigment, Brovi Pigments, to the USA. “We didn't expect it to take off but it did. Now we carry brands from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Switzerland,” Lizaveta concludes. “And we’re proud to bring new quality standards into the permanent makeup industry.” For more information about Supreme Permanent, visit the website at About the Company Founded in 2020 by Liudmyla Pacelli and Lizaveta Mosina, entrepreneurs from the Ukraine and Belarus, Supreme Permanent is an online permanent makeup store for professional makeup artists that sells top-quality pigments from around the world. The company has also recently launched its own product, the innovative Supreme Permanent Cartridges with Safety Membrane. Priding itself on its superior customer service, the company offers same-day shipping, and is happy to consult with clients to help them choose the pigment line that best suits their needs.

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