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Ordergroove Launches Premier Partner Program for Merchants With a Trusted Source for Subscriptions

Merchants can now select a vetted eCommerce agency with expertise in designing and implementing cutting-edge subscription experiences that maximize recurring revenue.

-Ordergroove, the leader in subscriptions for established retailers and direct-to-consumer brands, today announced the launch of its new Premier Partner Program. Enterprise and fast-growing brands now have a trusted source for highly vetted eCommerce agencies that are experts in Ordergroove’s technology and have a proven track record of helping merchants grow their recurring revenue through one-of-a-kind subscriber experiences.

“Maintaining hard-earned customers through delightful, seamless subscription and membership experiences has never been more critical for brands looking to drive profitable growth” Tweet this

By selecting an Ordergroove Premier Partner as their eCommerce agency, merchants can stand up new subscription offers, streamline their migration to Ordergroove, innovate their subscriber experience, and access industry best practices – ultimately optimizing customer lifetime value.

The Premier Partner Program also marks Ordergroove’s commitment to establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with leading eCommerce agencies that share the company’s mission to put relationships at the center of commerce to help all merchants thrive.

Premier Partner benefits include:

  • Select resource for Ordergroove customers: Since Premier Partners are thoroughly vetted by Ordergroove, they are recommended as a resource for Ordergroove’s industry-leading customers seeking to innovate and grow recurring revenue.

  • Expedited technical support: Premier Partners receive expedited support and technical help when implementing Ordergroove.

  • Privileged roadmap access: Premier Partners have privileged access to and influence on Ordergroove’s product roadmap, ensuring partnership in our vision to deliver best-in-class customer experiences that help merchants grow.

  • Priority co-marketing opportunities: Agency partners receive priority inclusion in co-marketing initiatives, allowing them to build thought leadership by sharing their expertise and best practices in webinars, events, reports, case studies, and more.

  • Direct influence over the program: Selected agency partners have the opportunity to serve on Ordergroove’s Partner Council, where they can provide feedback and contribute to the evolution of the partner program.

“Maintaining hard-earned customers through delightful, seamless subscription and membership experiences has never been more critical for brands looking to drive profitable growth,” said Sukh Sidhu, Vice President of Alliances at Ordergroove. “The Premier Partner Program marks a significant step forward in providing the ecosystem with trusted expertise and technical resources to build these experiences, unlocking reliable, recurring revenue. By organizing our Premier Partner Program, Ordergroove can now connect our industry-leading customers to vetted technical resources to grow customer lifetime value to new heights.“

Edward Gaug, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Guidance, an Ordergroove Premier Partner, shared his perspective on the collaboration: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be part of Ordergroove’s Premier Partner Program! Our clients have seen impressive revenue growth after implementing Ordergroove, thanks to the platform’s ease of use and flexibility to create unique, innovative experiences. Ordergroove’s team is filled with experts who go above and beyond to ensure merchant happiness.

Guidance’s mission is to craft extraordinary customer experiences, and by joining forces with Ordergroove, we’re empowering merchants to flourish.”

Elena Bogdanova, Head of eCommerce Technology at Half Helix, also an Ordergroove Premier Partner, echoed Gaug’s sentiment. “Ordergroove is an essential part of our Shopify subscription tech stack, and our shared dedication to platform improvement and client experience solidifies our partnership. We are excited to continue working together and look forward to what the future holds.”

Ordergroove’s Premier Partners are a handpicked group of leading agencies selected for their domain expertise and proven success in implementing cutting-edge subscriber experiences. To learn more about Ordergroove’s Premier Partner Program or apply to join this elite program, contact

About Ordergroove

Ordergroove enables subscription and membership experiences for the world’s largest and most innovative retailers, including L’Oréal, Dollar Shave Club, La Colombe Coffee, Bonafide Health and The Honest Company. As a market leader in subscription technology, the company’s proprietary Relationship Commerce platform is shifting consumer interactions from one-and-done transactions to frictionless and highly profitable recurring relationships. Ordergroove technology uses artificial intelligence, analytics, and unmatched consumer expertise to empower top brands to transform their commerce experiences while making their consumers’ lives easier.

To learn more, visit

Source: Ordergroove


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