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Opportunity Spotlight: YousicPlay - A ground floor opportunity - revolutionizing music education and learning

YousicPlay is becoming the future of on-demand music education by providing free access for musicians across the world with the best celebrity music instruction across all subjects and instruments for students of all skill levels.

Similar to what Duolingo (NASDAQ: DUOL) did in the language learning market, YousicPlay intends to be the world’s number one provider of online music education by combining AI/machine learning technology with the best instructors on the planet. The objective is to enhance the learning experience of all music learners and serve as a launching pad for those who choose to embark on a professional music career.

Over 20,000 students trust YousicPlay to help develop and grow their musical skills. Their success is the Company’s priority and passion.

Check out YousicPlay:

To learn about YousicPlay’s ground floor investment opportunity, contact:

Gregg Roberts

CEO and Co-founder


Tel. 646.221.6370

or contact:

Opportunity Spotlight

Tel. 970.779.4040


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