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Noble Panacea launches the "Chronobiology Sleep Mask "

Noble Panacea Unveils New Campaign featuring Global Brand Ambassador Jodie Comer for the groundbreaking new product launch

Innovative science-based skincare brand Noble Panacea launches a revolutionary new product The ExceptionalNP Chronobiology Sleep Mask, introduced with an artfully crafted, cinematic campaign captured across a brand film and still photography. It boasts not only a new product launch, but the addition of a third innovative skincare collection, The ExceptionalNP.

Designed to complement your daily skincare routine, The ExceptionalNP collection addresses specific skin concerns through expert and results-driven formulas for unparalleled skin results. Created by Nobel Laureate and brand founder Sir Fraser Stoddart, The Chronobiology Sleep Mask is a sophisticated piece of science that harnesses the brand's intelligent supramolecular delivery system, the OSMV™, to precisely deliver active ingredients into skin in a pre-programmed sequence synchronized with skin's natural circadian rhythm. The cinematic campaign movie tells the story of the importance of being at the right place, at the right time. The beautiful harmony between place and time defines The Exceptional—an allegory to our OSMV™ Technology's synchronized ingredient release according to the skin's overnight circadian rhythm process.

Defining The Exceptional, Noble Panacea brand ambassador and Emmy-award winner Jodie Comer arrives at an emblematic hotel with one mission in mind, to be at the right place, at the right time. We follow Jodie from behind, on a chase with an intense determination and a palpable aura emanating intrigue and mystery.

Carrying a black envelope in her hand, the audience is left to guess who is she going to meet, where is she going…what does she hold in her hand? Throughout a culmination of synchronicities, Jodie is guided by her intuition and the cryptic invitation that takes her down a labyrinth of corridors, and splendid stairs following her heart towards her ultimate destiny–an exceptional night that will empower her authentic beauty by morning.

The story is told not by the Jodie that we see in the movie, but in the perspective of Jodie in the future—the voiceover represents her empowerment of her own beauty, of her fate on her journey of self-discovery. It embodies the essence of the Noble Panacea woman, the art that Jodie is herself, as she is on a mission to become herself growing with intellectual sophistication as she perfects her craft by following her intuition. Throughout her furtive journey of exceptional anticipation, the importance of time is reiterated across various motifs and symbols that pull Jodie toward synchronicity and heighten her determination to achieve her goal.

From the watch on her wrist when she arrives at the hotel, the hourglass she turns as she passes through the corridor, the ceiling transforms into a clock as she climbs the staircases the right time and place guide her.

As Jodie continues with the clocks ticking, she looks behind her in the corridor checking to see if anyone is following her – she is determined to be alone to complete the mission of her own accord. She comes upon staircases, daunting at first, yet an obstacle she effortlessly overcomes as the promise of something exceptional guides her forward. She gets to her room, number 228. The number 22 represents the date the product is launched (February 2, 2022) and the 8 represents the iconic shape of brand's technology– an octagonal molecular structure and a motif repeatedly emphasized throughout all facets of the brand, from campaign visuals to packaging like our sustainable plastic-free octagonal box.

As Jodie enters the room, closing the door behind her, she readies for an exceptional night, opening a briefcase left as a gift from Sir Fraser Stoddart that contains The ExceptionalNP Chronobiology Sleep Mask. After an intense pursuit to be at the right place, at the right time, Jodie defines The Exceptional. After experiencing the artful indulgence of The Exceptional skincare ritual, she is finally in bed, empowering her beauty sleep.

While sleeping, her skin is awakened, and we start to see the power of the mask come to life. The precise, revolutionary technology works during the night to deliver the ultimate overnight treatment. When the clock turns to 11PM, the product that lay still by her side is now activated, glowing purple with power.

STAGE 1: DETOX From 11PM to 4AM, it releases active ingredients at different times in a specific sequence working with the skins intrinsic night cycle as it goes through the three different natural stages detox, repair, and regeneration processes. During the first DETOX stage, the sleep mask releases PHA and Pre, Pro and Post Biotics to detox, exfoliate, and reset as the skin naturally begins to eliminate toxin build up from the day.

STAGE 2: REPAIR During the second stage, REPAIR, retinol and peptides are released to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate skin when cellular repair processes are at their height.

STAGE 3: NOURISH During the last stage NOURISH, when skin is at its maximum absorption, ceramide, and 2D hyaluronic acid are released to nourish, protect, and illuminate skin ensuring a refreshed, healthy glow upon waking.

Thanks to the breakthrough intelligent skincare technology, Jodie made the most of her night sleeping while the mask delivered targeted treatments in the right place at the right time. From dusk to dawn, from shadow to light, her skin is actively detoxing, repairing, and nourishing. Having spent an exceptional night, she awakens to plump, radiant, illuminated skin in the morning light.

The movie concludes with the last iteration of time, posing the question: You spend a third of your life sleeping, will you make the most of it? Optimize your night with The Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask.

For more information on Noble Panacea, please contact PURPLE: US: UK:

ABOUT NOBLE PANACEA Noble Panacea was founded on the ambitious research of Sir Fraser Stoddart who was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his lifework researching molecular motion and has since overseen the development of Noble Panacea. Harnessing the power of Organic Super Molecular Vessel™ (OSMV) Technology, that protects and precisely delivers high-powered ingredients to the skin for tenfold* efficacy and +200%* penetration. Our skincare products deliver transformational efficacy in three collections: The BrilliantNP, The AbsoluteNP and The ExceptionalNP.

In effort to achieve Noble Panacea's global commitment to Responsible Beauty and a more sustainable future, consumers are invited to send their empty Active Daily Doses back to Noble Panacea through a national recycling program in partnership with international recycling company TerraCycle®.

Over the course of Sir Fraser Stoddart's career, he is proud to have mentored over 500 students from 50 countries in the field of science. Noble Panacea is committed to their global partnership with Girl Up, a non-profit founded by the United Nations Foundation and a global leadership development initiative, positioning girls to be the leaders of tomorrow. Together, Noble Panacea and Girl Up will be working to globally empower girls' development through education.

SOURCE Noble Panacea

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