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iFinance and Hear Right Canada partner to provide financing options for hearing care services

Strategic collaboration focuses on expanding financial options for essential hearing services

iFinance, specializing in financial technologies, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Hear Right Canada, a leading provider of comprehensive hearing solutions. This collaboration is set to provide affordable and flexible financing options for Canadians, enhancing access to quality hearing care services across the country.

"We are delighted to partner with Hear Right Canada to support more Canadians in improving their hearing health," said William Breton, COO and VP of iFinance and Iceberg Finance. "For over 25 years, we have been committed to offering accessible financing options for a variety of essential services, including healthcare procedures. With this new partnership, we are looking forward to extending our reach and further fulfilling our commitment to helping individuals achieve better quality of life.’’

Hear Right Canada is passionate about helping individuals to overcome hearing challenges and is dedicated to providing effective, transparent, and friendly service. "Partnering with iFinance aligns seamlessly with our mission to make hearing solutions more accessible," said Daren Jones, Co-Owner of Hear Right Canada. "Together, we aim to alleviate the financial barriers that can prevent individuals from seeking the hearing assistance they need."Patients seeking hearing solutions can expect a smooth process facilitated by Hear Right Canada's network of skilled professionals, backed by the flexible financing options provided by iFinance. This partnership empowers patients to access the care they need without the stress of financial constraint.

About iFinance:

Founded in 1996, iFinance is a cornerstone in Canada's specialty finance industry, offering diverse financing solutions through innovative technologies. Catering to a wide spectrum of needs, from healthcare, medical, veterinary and dental procedures, to furniture stores, electric bikes and electronics, iFinance is renowned for its tailored financing options. Operating from coast to coast in Canada, the company emphasizes its customer-first approach which allows for a high customer satisfaction.

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About Hear Right Canada:

Hear Right Canada is committed to helping Canadians improve their hearing. With a network of highly skilled hearing professionals and over 60 locations nationwide, Hear Right Canada offers personalized service and education on hearing loss, providing clients with the resources they need to enjoy the sounds of life once again.

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Source: iFInance


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