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Direct-to-Consumer E-commerce Pillowcase Brand, Shuteye Supply, Launches Via E-commerce Platform

Pillowcases are the breeding ground for bacteria, and Shuteye Supply wants to change that

Shuteye Supply, the first-of-its-kind brand specializing in high-quality pillowcases, launches an eponymous Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce platform,

Most consumers are unaware that they should change their pillowcases at least once per week – after all, we spend one-third of our life with our head on a pillowcase.

Pillowcases are breeding grounds for dust particles, dander, microorganisms, and bacteria. Shuteye Supply saw a market gap for consumers who want to purchase pillowcase sets rather than a full set of sheets, and have developed an assortment of pillowcases in high-quality fabrications with elevated colors and designs perfect for every home.

Comfort, quality, performance, and style are Shuteye Supply’s core values to bring you a perfect night’s sleep. With fabrics sourced from all over the world, the Shuteye Supply pillowcases are available in luxurious fabrics, including mulberry silk, organic cotton, linen, jersey, and recycled fabrics. Shuteye Supply’s industry experts oversee the entire process to ensure every pillowcase is Shuteye certified.

What is Shuteye Certified? Shuteye Certified means that each material has been tested, washed, and approved, so you can rest assured that our pillowcase will make all your dreams come true.

Shuteye Supply’s debut collections of pillowcases and eyemasks will be available on June 6 at, with prices ranging from $28 to $66 USD. Visit today to enter the launch giveaway for a chance to win an assortment of their amazing products. Follow along on Instagram @shuteye_supply and share your Shuteye Supply journey.

About Shuteye Supply

Most people take pillowcases for granted, not us. At Shuteye Supply, our team provides consumers with an array of pillowcases to ensure maximum cleanliness and affordability. Our passion for perfection is sewn into every pillowcase to help you sleep better, dream bigger, and accomplish great things, even when you’re not in bed,

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