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Archer Education and Verify IQ partner to advance enrollment and retention services for colleges

The development is the latest in Archer’s strategy to become the most complete marketing, enrollment, and retention services company for colleges and universities.

Archer Education and Verity IQ today announced a partnership designed to simplify communications and record management across the entire higher education student life-cycle. Now offering Verity’s constituent relationship management (CRM) and student information systems (SIS) tools, Archer provides a complete student life-cycle management and analytics solution that spans higher education recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation. Verity has quickly emerged as a leader in the educational CRM/SIS market with innovative features such as a paperless campus with automated workflows for document gathering and e-signatures; a built-in contact center with multiple contact workflow automation; real-time performance and engagement analytics; and a student records management platform for easy managing of the entire student life-cycle. The simplicity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness of its tools made it a natural fit for Archer.

“Archer uses Verity internally for our own clients so we understand the value of its offerings,” said Mike Briskey, Chief Financial Officer at Archer Education. “As we talked to clients and prospects about their needs, we identified an opportunity to augment our service capabilities and deliver a seamless, cost-effective solution. In many cases, this makes it simpler and easier for clients because they can get additional solutions from just one vendor instead of two.”

Archer’s partnership with Verity is the next big step in its growth and evolution. The agreement follows Archer’s recent acquisition of Circa Interactive, a merger that established an end-to-end student enrollment journey platform and service suite for higher education. By partnering with Verity, Archer Education can now offer new and existing clients an enterprise CRM that seamlessly connects to their existing marketing and engagement platforms. With CRM/SIS capabilities, clients will have a more cost-effective way to streamline and simplify the technology and tools used to manage the student journey, which represents an all-around win-win for Archer, their clients, and the students they serve.

“The student experience is at the center of overall student success,” said Archer’s Chief Growth Officer, Brad Gibbs. “Every person at the institution who interacts with a prospective or current student should have a better understanding of the student for more meaningful conversations and to help set them up for success. Verity CRM provides the visibility and automation to do just that. With Verity, institutions can engage with prospects and students to ensure high conversion, retention, quality of instruction, and increased placement rates. It’s all about providing a better student experience through personalized engagement.”

“The partnership between Verity and Archer shows our forward-thinking approach to build best-in-class solutions for higher education and enable them to better serve their students,” added Verity’s CEO, Cornelia Anderson, expressing her shared excitement. Archer’s deep engagement with higher education clients positions it to offer unique value to clients seeking cost-effective CRM/SIS capabilities, and the company’s personal experience with Verity enables efficient, optimized integrations. Archer Education’s full suite of best-in-class enrollment and marketing tools solidifies its position as a one-stop higher education marketing, enrollment, and retention services company.

About Archer Education Since 2006, Archer Education Inc. (“Archer”), an education technology company dedicated to personalizing student recruitment, has helped bridge more than 8 million students to an institution of higher learning and a better future through education. Archer continues to grow and bring innovative enrollment marketing, recruitment, and retention products and services to higher education institutions across the United States. Archer’s connected technologies and captivating, story-driven interactions cultivate meaningful engagement and a rich, rewarding journey for today’s evolving nontraditional learner.

About Verity IQ Verity IQ (“Verity”) is an education technology SaaS company emerging as an industry leader with an all-in-one approach to student life-cycle management. Verity’s focus on recruitment, retention, and placement using modern channels for communication promises to deliver a premium student experience, lower cost of ownership, and best-in-class analytics.


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