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AI Site Cam democratizing advanced camera technology launches cameras for construction sites

  • In a world where visual content is king, AI Site Cam, LLC is committed to democratizing access to advanced camera technology.

  • Its innovative solution is poised to revolutionize the way the construction sites are monitored with the capture and share of critical visual information - at a reasonable price point.

AI Site Cam is a camera technology company dedicated to making advanced camera technology accessible to all. Its innovative solutions empower individuals and businesses to remotely and securely monitor a site with ease. Company goals are:

✓ Accessible Excellence: Everyone deserves the opportunity to have access to exceptional visual content. While the product’s target audience is the Construction Industry, its secure technology provides professional grade results, making high-quality imaging & functionality accessible to all. Even an Owner who wants to be kept up-to-date on their own can use this camera. ✓ Innovation at its Best: AI Site Cam, LLC's Advanced Camera Technology integrates the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, image processing, and hardware to deliver unmatched image quality, and versatility. - Affordability: The release of this product line plays a pivotal role in ensuring that cost is no longer a barrier to accessing state-of-the-art camera equipment. With shrinking profit margins not job site should exclude cameras due to excessive cost.

- Ease of Use: Construction sites are already complex enough. Cameras monitoring those sites should make life easier – not create additional work.

- Personalized Support: Receive top-notch customer support to ensure everyone makes the most of this technology. Charles Dilkes, the company’s Founder and CEO states: “AI Site Cam cameras can be installed by anyone and be functional in under 30 minutes. Users can learn to use a camera to its full potential within 15 minutes. The goal was to keep it simple so Owners, Project Managers and Site Safety Managers can use cameras as tools when it becomes essential to have 'eyes-on' a project. The goal is to make jobs easier.” For more information please visit

Source: AI Site Cam


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Jeffrey Friedland - Based in the US

(North America and Global)

+1 646 450 8909 ,

Ross Swan - Based in Singapore

(Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Asia-Pacific and Australia)

+65 91819472

David Krutonog - Based in Israel

(Eastern Europe, Middle-East and North Africa

+972 50 974 3429

Claudio Hebling - Based in Brazil

(Latin America)

+55 19 99377 7482

Vincent Paul Joseph - Based in India

(South Asia, India, and Sri Lanka)

+91 962 620 9090

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