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Recent Projects and Engagements 

Medical, Pharma, Healthcare and Medical Devices

Pre-clinical pharma development company (Equity raises of $4+ million and stock market listing.)

Publicly-traded medical device company (Equity raise of $10+ million)

Cannabis, Hemp and CBD

Canadian holding company focused on cannabis, hemp, and CBD in the US and Canada. (Equity raise $4+ million)

CBD producs company. (Equity raise and then a spin-off in Canada) 

Other industries

Fully­ functional resistance training gear for sports training, injury rehabilitation, physical therapy first responders and the proud men and women of our military. (Equity Raise)

Manager of captive insurance programs (Ongoing targeting of SMBs for captive insurance programs)

Online wine merchant using AI to enhance the customer experience. (Equity investors to complete crowdunding, $500,000+)

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