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Woman-owned Cured Leaves Tea starts crowdfunding for African teas

Cured Leaves Tea Company imports its fine teas from Africa because of the rich soil and endless resources that the land provides

Founder of Cured Leaves Tea Company, Paula Shaw proclaims, "tea is for everyone," and she is correct. Some 80 percent of U.S. households have tea in their kitchens, and more than half of the American populace drinks tea on a daily basis, according to the U.S. Tea Association. Ms. Shaw is a certified Yoga instructor, Breath Master, practicing herbalist and Mindfulness Coach. Paula is no novice to the business world; in fact, Paula has over 20 years of experience in leadership positions in various companies. Paula's experience in the Health & Wellness Industry expands over 10 years. On that foundation, the concept of Cured Leaves Tea Co. was born. From its inception, Paula's desire was to offer tea as an additional layer of wellness and mindfulness for fitness, yoga, and meditation practices. Who doesn't enjoy a hot steaming cup of tea with its soothing aromatic fragrance that warms you deep within? Tea is known for its medicinal properties that promote health. Numerous studies attest to the healing properties of teas and that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Cured Leaves Tea Company is more than a tea company. It is black women-owned and a movement to creating a healthier way of living and being. Paula explains, "My Company promotes equity, education, culture, and community. Our initiatives aim at empowering women through entrepreneurship, giving access to education, providing, and ensuring fair wage, equitable conditions, and sustainable communities." Ms. Shaw is also a member of the Female Founders Collective a network of businesswomen supporting women.

Cured Leaves Tea Company imports its fine teas from Africa because of the rich soil and endless resources that the land provides. They offer an extensive list of unique and exotic flavors that promise to provide patrons a rare tea experience in every cup.

Cured Leaves Tea Company has dealt with the difficulties of accessing capital through traditional means and is reaching out to the community with a crowd funding campaign in an effort to garner necessary support and build strong alliances. This outreach aligns with their belief in true community. These funds will be used to support growth and expansion of their vision.

"The basic common interests in any society and in every community begins with growth, love, and support...sometimes over tea." - Paula Heggs Shaw, RYT 200, Breath Master, Mindfulness Coach.


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