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Venture stage Evosonics launches 12 products including its Sleep Tech Sound Pillow

EVOSONICS will launch 12 products including Sleep tech Sound pillows at CES 2022

EVOSONICS, a sound vibration-based healthcare company, announced on the 30th that it will submit sleep tech devices, rehabilitation devices and obesity management devices through CES2022 in Las Vegas, USA, from January 5, 2022.

EVOSONICS is a venture company that has received technology-based intellectual property management certification that produces a new concept of healthcare products through the self-development of sound vibration modules. EVOSONICS will launch 12 products including Sleep tech Sound pillows at CES 2022

Sound vibration has been developed as an optimized component that can efficiently transmit signals to the human body, not a general motor, and has been commercialized in combination with physical therapy devices for pain relief, starting with beauty devices.

EVOSONICS is recently attempting to secure a foundation for vehicle sound wave vibration seat application technology and commercialize various application products through joint development of response vibration massage chair. After studying neuro and cell regeneration-related fields since early 2021, Seoul National University's Institute of Immunology discovered an optimized sonar stimulation method in which human dermal fibroblasts, collagen, and mitochondria are activated.

At a time when the global market is expanding and effective stimulation technology, not drugs or foods, is required to activate the aging or deteriorating nerves and cells, EVOSONICS has attracted 3 billion won worth of investment for professional medical device development projects.

This investment was aimed at realizing the possibility of electronic drugs in its first attempt to enter the medical care market for EVOSONICS. Based on this seed money, Ebosonic is developing new medical devices to reduce the pace of progress in dementia in collaboration with global dementia treatment development companies, and has recently been recognized by the Ministry of kokor Food and Drug Safety.

In addition, the acoustic vibration module, which is Evosonic's original technology that can be grafted into various fields, has been recognized for its value as a component, and has secured quantitative evaluation standards for sound wave vibration through the Gangwon-do material-part-equipment support project. We are making the goal of becoming a global standard by deriving a quantitative evaluation method one by one. Through continuous development despite the difficult situation of the pandemic,

EVOSONICS has been receiving innovative responses in the beauty and beauty market by grafting a smart-based acoustic vibration system to beauty sheets, shampoo sheets and esthetic beds. As the first product of the project, 'Evo Sleep' is preparing for the first launch at CES in Las Vegas in 2022, focusing on securing the global market. EVOSONICS will present 12 products in three categories: 'Beauty', 'Rehabilitation Sports', and 'Medical'. Some are products that have been commercialized, and some are in the process of mass production.

Jason Choi, CEO of Evosonics said, "We have prepared a large exhibition hall with 8 booths in the Sands Expo (The Venetian Expo) inside CES.

'Evo Sleep' is a pillow-type sleep tech device that applies sonic vibration. It combines the sound wave vibration function with the cervical spine management brand product 'Rolling Pillow' developed by the company, and features a function to help sleep. The type of beauty device will be exhibited under the brand 'Drspa'. Bluetooth-based scalp cleansing device 'Sonic Scalp Massager' , Sound wave esthetic bed and Sound wave body management device 'Pherapy' to help diet, cellulite, saggy skin.

In the field of rehabilitation and sports, 'Perhaps Body', a sonic vibration balance cushion, and ' Pro', a sonic full body massager for professionals, are planned to be exhibited. It is equipped with proprioception rehabilitation training function for preventing injuries of athletes or for ankle rehabilitation. As a medical device product, 'Evocell' (sound wave/ion device) will be introduced. SOURCE EVOSONICS


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