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Threedium closes on early-stage round of $2.1 million to revolutionize virtual shopping

  • 3D eCommerce Leader Takes Virtual Shopping to the Next Level

  • 3D E-Commerce Leader Threedium Announces Pre-Series A Funding (Graphic: Business Wire)

Today, Threedium announced the completion of a pre-series A funding round of $2.1 million. Investors include London-based EdenBase and Frederic Larmuseau and co-investors, Richard Fourie, Davide Scafuro, Martijn Kinnegim, Richard Walker, Godfried Kinnegim, and Bas Van Exel. Several existing shareholders including Seedrs, Simone Canclini, and Collider Investors will be following up their pre-emption rights, bringing the total fundraising to $3.6 million.

To democratize the use of 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) across all channels, Threedium will use the pre-series A funds to accelerate the development of its low code, no code 3D engine to allow anyone to build immersive 3D and AR experiences and distribute them across omnichannel, display ad networks, eCommerce websites, and virtual stores.

“We are excited to be working with Threedium— well done to the whole team! We see the application of 3D and AR for enterprise markets and as an entry point to the metaverse, and believe that Threedium will continue as a leading force behind the delivery of immersive experiences for brands around the world,” said Daniel Doll-Steinberg, co-founder at EdenBase.

CEO, Mike Charalambous said, “Threedium has emerged as a one-stop to build and deploy 3D and AR solutions across any platform. With our 3D engine, teams can create powerful enterprise-level 3D and AR experiences at scale. From 3D and AR product explorers on their websites to interactive configurators on their eCommerce pages to 3D display ads and immersive AR portals— our clients are building the 3D internet and we are honored to be supporting some amazing brands.”

Threedium received strong recognition as part of the first-ever fashion campaign launch where zero physical clothes were used to create marketing content or to dress the models themselves. Dozens of global brands including Adidas, Bulgari, Diageo, Dior & FARFETCH are publishing thousands of 3D solutions for their products. Threedium supported ASICS in the launch of the first-ever NFT drop for a global sportswear brand and was recently selected as the exclusive Amazon Advertising tech provider for 3D display ads.

Threedium also recently announced a partnership with Arcadier Group, one of the world's fastest-growing online marketplace builders to enhance the customer experiences for their marketplace using 3D and AR technology. In addition, Threedium has built and launched a rest API that allows full scalability of the platform architecture and the ability for brands to upload and publish hundreds of 3D models simultaneously at unprecedented speeds.

About Threedium Threedium is a 3D engine. We believe that democratizing the creation and distribution of 3D and AR experiences represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people buy and sell products. For more information, visit

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