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The Mothership closes on $22 million to advance its strategy of buying ecommerce sellers

  • The Mothership Raises $22 Million Funding to Drive eCommerce Rollup Strategy

  • Rollup company aims for increased pace of acquisition of successful, growing and profitable eCommerce sellers

The Mothership one of the UK’s fastest growing eCommerce rollups, today announced that it has raised $22 million in funding from leading entrepreneurial private investors. The investment will be used to expand the company’s portfolio of loveable, more sustainable brands. Amongst the investors are Glenn Elliott, founder of Reward Gateway and now part of Tenzing Private Equity; Jonathan Quin, founder of payments business World First; Adrian Thompson, CEO of Aspen Pumps; Simon Morrish, who has founded and grown several successful businesses, including Ground Control; and Giles Palmer, founder of BrandWatch.

There is a growing opportunity in the eCommerce space for small businesses, including independent eCommerce and Amazon sellers, with high quality consumer products, to be given the injection they need in multichannel marketing and branding know-how that will enable them to be elevated to the next level. The Mothership provides this expertise, and will use its funding to acquire, or partner with businesses that are ready to take the next step in their development.

Ben Fletcher, co-founder and CEO at The Mothership, said: “Several trends are converging in the eCommerce space. The category is growing, we are seeing an explosion of exciting sellers with innovative products who can compete with legacy brands by being more targeted, and they need help to scale. This is where The Mothership comes in. Our funding will allow us to support new acquisitions with team expansion and dynamic infrastructure. As we strengthen the marketing for these products we are creating the consumer brands of the future.”

Amongst the companies already acquired by The Mothership is TCU Trading, owner of two brands, Pluvios and Case4Life. Following acquisition in March 2021, the founder, James Lovett, said: “The deal presented was incredibly straightforward and the best offer compared to others, coupled with the excitement and belief in the brands it made it a very easy choice to proceed. The deal itself was completed in under 30 days and the whole process was extremely smooth.”

Jonathan Quin, founder of World First, said: “I'm pleased to be backing the team behind The Mothership. The eCommerce rollup space is exploding right now and The Mothership's focus on high-quality, sustainable brands looks like a winning strategy. I was particularly impressed by the team of entrepreneurs and consumer marketing experts they have pulled together.” About The Mothership The Mothership, which was founded in March 2021, is a rapidly growing multichannel eCommerce platform backed by an experienced team of founders and multichannel marketers. It specialises in acquiring, or partnering with, growing and sustainable consumer product companies selling online. The company’s platform allows its portfolio companies to flourish through expansion of their product catalogues and a multi-channel cross-sell approach to audience building. This allows their brands to deliver faster growth and higher value.

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