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Le-Vel launches two new products: PLUS 10-Day Total Detox, and Premium Lifestyle Mix Carmel

Le-Vel is quickly approaching $3 billion in sales – a remarkable accomplishment given that the company celebrates its 10th anniversary next year.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not a chance. Le-Vel, the world leader in nutritional innovation, welcomed thousands of Brand Promoters to Sin City the weekend of Oct. 21-24 at The Palazzo® At the Venetian® Resort, for a Lifestyle Getaway and exclusive product reveal of what promises to be two of the company's most highly anticipated launches.

During a Neon Welcome Party at The Palazzo, Le-Vel announced its two newest products:

THRIVE PLUS 10-Day Total Detox: This dual AM/PM concept and formula are intended to assist the body in the removal of toxins and heavy metals. The AM formula was developed to help release and cleanse toxins and heavy metals from the body, while the PM formula was formulated to assist in detoxing and removing these newly released toxins and metals. THRIVE PLUS Total 10-Day Detox is ideal for anyone who wants to improve weight management, gut health, energy and stamina, mental clarity, nutrient absorption, overall mood and more. THRIVE PLUS Detox is recommended for use every 90 days for best results and nutrient absorption.

THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix in NEW Salted Caramel: One of the greatest selling shake formulas of all time, more than 215 million servings of THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix have sold since its launch in 2012 – and those numbers keep growing. Le-Vel announced the addition of a new flavor to its line: Salted Caramel. THRIVE shake mix is Step 2 of the simple three-step THRIVE Experience and is designed to provide lean muscle support, weight management and fitness support with its proprietary blend of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, plant extracts, probiotics and amino acids. Le-Vel also revealed two additional Lifestyle Mix flavors that will launch before the end of 2021: Fudge Brownie and Snickerdoodle.

These two mega launches were among the weekend's many festivities. On Saturday, Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette unveiled the latest issue of its popular lifestyle magazine, THRIVIN, and held a scavenger hunt throughout Las Vegas. Winners then hopped aboard a helicopter for a tour of Red Rock Canyon. Finally, Le-Vel rounded out the weekend with a reward VIP Dinner for a select group of Brand Promoters.

Thrivers have earned vacation getaways with Le-Vel since the company launched in 2012, traveling to such spots as Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, New Orleans, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, and the Caribbean. Unlike a company retreat with mandatory meetings, these getaways are designed to be a true reward where Brand Promoters design their days the way they want. Guests are treated to luxury accommodations, parties and excursions, along with exclusive product news.

Le-Vel is quickly approaching $3 billion in sales – a remarkable accomplishment given that the company celebrates its 10th anniversary next year. Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette attribute that success to the company's tight-knit community of Thrivers, the power of testimonials and the company's unwavering commitment to product quality and efficacy.

"The THRIVE product line incorporates the latest nutritional supplement research with the most advanced technology available to today to create products that make a measurable improvement in health, well-being and vitality," say Camper and Gravette. "The 10-Day Total Detox is a huge step forward in nutritional innovation, and it's one piece of a broader set of lifestyle changes that will leave Thrivers feeling and looking better than ever. And this new Thrive shake mix flavor now gives Thrivers a total of six shake flavor choices – all of them gluten-free and ultra-micronized for maximum absorption and better results."

For more information about THRIVE PLUS 10-Day Total Detox and Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix in Salted Caramel, go to

About Le-Vel Founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, Le-Vel formulates and sells health and wellness products and skincare. Le-Vel products include the THRIVE Experience (consisting of the three core products, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix), and THRIVE SKIN (a CBD skincare system). All of Le-Vel's products contain premium vitamins and nutrients made with the highest quality ingredients.

In 2019, less than seven years after the company's inception, Le-Vel reached a milestone of $2 billion in lifetime orders. Le-Vel has over 10 million Customer and Brand Promoter accounts and currently ships within the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Southeast Asia.

For more information about Le-Vel, visit and follow us on social media on Instagram @le_veloffical, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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