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J.D. & Associates partners with Elpis Capital to accelerate growth in commercial financing

  • J.D. & Associates Enters Strategic Partnership with Elpis Capital

  • J.D. & Associates selects Elpis Capital as a strategic partner to accelerate growth in commercial and business financing

J.D. & Associates selects Elpis Capital as a strategic partner to accelerate growth of its commercial and business financing and serve a growing and diverse group of institutional real asset investors. J.D. & Associates and Elpis Capital announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will provide a larger platform to extend debt and equity financing. Through this partnership, J.D. & Associates is ideally positioned to leverage multiple growth avenues in mergers and acquisitions effectively expanding their portfolio of private and public companies. The agreement brings together commercial financing and private equity with 25 years combined management experience. J.D. & Associates is a premier private equity group that provides investor relations and portfolio management to create tailored solutions for clients. Elpis Capital offers creative, efficient commercial and industrial lending options, including bridge loans, equipment financing and factoring services. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Elpis Capital, it gives us a tremendous opportunity to help small to mid size companies gain access to capital in the local market,” said Gerald Roger, CEO, J.D. & Associates. “This partnership puts us in a position to invest and grow across key focus areas, keep our current leadership structure and uphold our commitment to culture, quality and excellence. “We believe this relationship will help us optimize our loan products and provide resources to develop and scale to enterprises,” said Paul Kim, CEO, Elpis Capital. “Having access to a deep bench of seasoned senior executives and a network of key institutions will give us the ability to structure hybrid financial solutions.” J.D. & Associates will now be able to secure capital and provide management consultation to their clients and offer local businesses with viable alternatives to asset growth. “We anticipate capturing a larger percentage of the small business local markets with J.D. & Associates unique and proven high growth approach,” said Paul Kim. About J.D. & Associates Inc. J.D. & Associates provides equity and capital solutions to private and public companies. J.D. & Associates employs IR and media services, management consultant and a suite of financial products.

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