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InvestNext launches portal to increase confidence and transparency for real estate investment

  • InvestNext Unveils Enhanced End-to-End Portal For Real Estate Investment

  • Key UX/UI updates foster confidence and transparency between syndicates and investors, eliminate paperwork and information silos

InvestNext, a Detroit-based technology platform that provides real estate investors and syndicates with the tools they need to streamline back-office tasks and reduce overhead, today announced a series of new product features to deliver an intuitive end-to-end investor experience.

InvestNext enables every step of real estate syndication, including engaging potential investors, accepting payments, waterfall calculations, distributions payouts and even completing tax forms, to take place within their white-labeled online portal. The platform eliminates cumbersome document management and information silos, building transparency and stronger relationships between syndicators and investors.

"We worked closely with our existing user base to develop these updates, and it was clear that we needed to create almost an Etsy or a Shopify for real estate investment," said Kevin Heras, CEO and co-founder of InvestNext. "How you present yourself to investors matters, especially as you grow your syndicate. That's why it was so critical to enhance the white labeling capabilities in this update, so you can put your own brand onto our pre-built all-in-one platform. Everything is in the same place, from raising capital, automated waterfalls, communicating with your investors, and managing payouts and reporting — so you and your investors work from the same digital base of operations."

The new investing experience allows investors to discover open offerings more quickly, as well as access historical investment performance and critical tax documents, encouraging due diligence, exploration and self-sufficiency. Among them is a standardized key metrics widget that draws potential investors' attention to the most important aspects of an investment before they even enter the deal room.

"The mechanics of a capital raise are time-consuming and hands-on. InvestNext provides a massive lift in our ability to manage our investors without having to add personnel," said Leka Devatha, President of Rehabit Homes. "Where small businesses can out-do large enterprises is in customer experience. InvestNext has helped deliver a world-class experience at every stage of our syndication process by giving us the ability to create a customized portal for each investor to log in to."

The announcement comes on the heels of a seed round which raised $4.3 million in new funding. To date, InvestNext has facilitated more than $4.4 billion in transactions, up over 250% since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About InvestNext: Since 2016, Detroit-based InvestNext has been on a mission to democratize real estate investing. Their product streamlines tedious tasks acting as a centralized source of truth to engage investors, raise capital, report and distribute returns, and more. Its user-friendly platform empowers investors to make a meaningful impact on the communities in which they invest. Learn more at

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