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InsiderTalks Video: Universal Performance, its PowerSuit and its opportunities for you

Universal Performance was created with one goal in mind: to design and engineer unparalleled, fully­ functional resistance training gear for sports training, injury rehabilitation, physical therapy first responders and the proud men and women of our military.

Having our technology gives coaches, trainers and athletes the physical and psychological tools they need to develop superior performance and sustainable fitness on and off the field.

The Science Behind the PowerSuit

The PowerSuit is made with the weight woven directly into the material and the weight variants are equally distributed throughout the body. The tank top design allows for full range of motion and it cuts off well above the knee as to eliminate concern for joints or the Patella tendon. It is meshed all the way around to allow more air circulation, and has an anti-microbial built into the material to prevent fungus / virus problems as well. It is fully functional in all aspects and can be worn underneath regular clothing. Whether you're walking, running, or going about your daily routine, you get a serious workout!

An Opportunity to Speak with Francois Ransom, the inventor, founder and CEO

Francois is interested in speaking with anyone regarding the status of the company, its PowerSuit, the Power Lock System, and the company's patents.

Most importantly, Francois is interested in speaking about the company's financial and business opportunities. These potentially include a ground floor investment opportunity, and a manufacturing or marketing relationship.

Universal Performance Contact Information

Francois Ransom, CEO

Tel. 1 214 694 1788

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