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INOVUES and Global Sustainable Future partner to offer easy financing for window retrofits

INOVUES, the window technology company that upgrades building facades and windows without replacement or disruption, is pleased to announce that its customers will now be eligible for quick-turnaround project financing with no upfront costs through Global Sustainable Future (GSF). INOVUES, the developer of the Glazing Shield™ insulating glass retrofit technology, has signed a commercial partnership agreement with GSF, whose mission is to bridge the gap to commercialization for sustainable companies by leveraging networks with real-world partners and investors. GSF's new project-finance platform, GSF Financial, supports innovative solutions addressing challenges in air, water, and energy. Through this platform, INOVUES' customers will be eligible for funding for projects costing from $100,000 USD and up. This means projects of all sizes, from small low-rise buildings to large high-rise towers, will be eligible for GSF funding.

Retrofitting building facades and windows with INOVUES' patented technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent, reducing carbon emissions from HVAC use and saving customers money while also improving occupant comfort.

Similar to Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs, financing energy retrofits through GSF Financial solves the upfront cost barrier by providing 100% financing for project costs. These easy financing options, combined with utility incentives, makes it more attractive for building owners to invest in energy efficiency improvements.

Until now, facade and window upgrades have been a massive undertaking involving months of tenant disruption and high costs from construction, removal, and disposal. INOVUES' non-invasive retrofit technology removes those obstacles by offering an alternative solution that provides the same benefits of full window replacement at a fraction of the cost and without disruption to the building or occupants.

"Our mission is to help cities worldwide achieve their energy-efficiency and emissions-reduction targets by increasing and accelerating the rate of window upgrades in buildings," said CEO and Founder Anas Al Kassas. "With this partnership with GSF, we have more tools to realize this vision."

"INOVUES has developed a new category for the window industry. Traditional window retrofits tend to be economically prohibitive, but INOVUES' solution allows buildings to obtain energy efficiency and carbon reduction with an economic payback that will be attractive to most building owners," said Pete Scarpelli, Co-Founding and Managing Partner of GSF, who also joined INOVUES' advisory board earlier this year.

For more information about this new Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) financing option, please reach out to INOVUES' Director of Business Development, Tom Burke, at

Webinars are offered to explain the benefits of INOVUES' patented insulating glass retrofit technology; you can sign up at the link here.

The public is also invited to visit INOVUES at booth #1324 at the Buildings Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) 2021 International Conference in Boston this October. For more information, visit the INOVUES website.

About INOVUES: INOVUES transforms the windows and glass facades of buildings into high-performing systems that incorporate the latest energy-saving and smart glass technologies without replacement or disruption. Through its patented insulating glass retrofit technology, INOVUES makes it feasible - and financially attractive - for building owners to upgrade the windows to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve occupant thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of their buildings.

About Global Sustainable Future (GSF): GSF addresses challenges in energy, air and water by advancing, innovative, disruptive businesses with market access, capital and project financing. GSF further develops and navigates growth strategies in and between North America and Europe by leveraging an existing family office infrastructure of 20+ businesses, local market expertise and our professional network. GSF is committed and passionate about the talented entrepreneurs it supports and helps them navigate the inevitable challenges facing a rapidly expanding business. GSF brings complementary skills and the weight of its network to accelerate the growth of the teams and companies with whom it works.


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