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Geltor to launch a direct-to-consumer vegan collagen brand

Geltor Partners with Crushed Tonic Founder Sally Olivia Kim to Launch New Vegan Collagen Brand

Geltor today announces a collaboration with beauty and wellness entrepreneur and author Sally Olivia Kim on a direct-to-consumer line of biodesigned CPG products. The partnership cements a longstanding relationship between Geltor and the collagen expert, influencer, author, and founder-CEO of the beauty-from-within brand Crushed Tonic.

Ms. Kim joined the biodesign company as Entrepreneur-in-Residence in October. Geltor Entrepreneur-in-Residence Sally Kim is a collagen evangelist who founded the brand Crushed Tonic and authored "The Collagen Glow". Through biodesign, Geltor unlocks new possibilities for creating next generation products that uniquely adapt to evolving consumer needs and desires – reliably, at speed, and at scale. A collagen evangelist who has authored "The Collagen Glow", Kim had been pursuing a way to include the vegan community in her customer base. "I had been searching high and low for a truly vegan collagen option - there are so many products out there that claim to be vegan, but animal protein inherently cannot be vegan, of course. So when I discovered Geltor's technology in fermenting proteins to create this beautifully effective and sustainable real animal-free collagen, I knew that there was something incredibly special here."

Kim brings to the partnership a passion and intuition for consumer formulations, brand and community building, and virality using new media strategies.

Her experience bootstrapping a collagen-based line with Crushed Tonic has expanded from a fledgling independent e-commerce operation to partnerships with giants like Sephora, Anthropologie, KITH, Equinox, Equinox Hotels, Earthbar, Erewhon, and Jetblue in less than three years.

"There is no one better than Sally - who comes well-versed in the value that proteins like collagen are already bringing to industries like beauty and personal care and food and nutrition - to help tell Geltor's story of how biodesign is changing the game," said Geltor CEO and co-founder Alex Lorestani. "The collaboration is a natural fit and we can't wait to unveil this first product we're launching together."

An undisclosed amount is being deployed to support the incubation.

About Geltor Geltor is the biodesign company behind the world's most advanced specialty protein ingredients. Through its ingredient technologies, Geltor offers best-in-class innovation that is uniquely able to respond to changing customer needs at unprecedented speed, precision, and sustainability. For more information, visit

About Crushed Tonic Crushed Tonic is an ingestible skincare brand founded by Sally Olivia Kim. Sally discovered the power of ingestible skincare after severely burning herself. She started drinking collagen to help with recovery, and after falling in love with it, she embarked on a journey to bring the benefits of collagen to those around her. She began formulating with her favorite superfoods to make delicious collagen-infused drinks known as Crushed Tonic. Sally has also published the book "The Collagen Glow." Follow her journey on IG @sallsters and Tiktok @sallyoliviakim.

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