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Cult-Favorite Hair and Body Brand OUAI Launches New Science-backed Haircare Products

Introducing Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Supplements

OUAI, the cult-favorite hair and body care brand created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin — today announces its latest release of their first-ever clinically proven products: Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Supplements. This healthy hair duo works together to create an ideal environment for the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in as early as 60 days.

“Every product we launch is born from our community’s feedback” Tweet this

First, the skincare-inspired Scalp Serum helps foster a healthy, balanced scalp and helps soothe irritation from styling through key ingredients including Adaptogens like Arctic Root, Siberian Ginseng, and Chaga Mushroom combined with Hyaluronic Acid. Red Clover Flower Extract helps to reduce scalp discomfort, and peptides support the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. The Scalp Serum is most effective when used in tandem with Thick & Full Supplements, a vegan, daily supplement made with super beauty-boosting ingredients like Biotin and Pea Sprout Extract that support hair strength and promote overall hair health.

“Scalp health is so important to the overall health of your hair,” says OUAI founder, Jen Atkin. “Think of your scalp as the soil in a garden—you need to tend to the soil for everything to grow. The OUAI Scalp Serum helps foster a healthy, balanced scalp. In addition, the Thick & Full Supplements are key to keeping hair follicles clear and healthy, which can help promote hair strength. By keeping the skin on your scalp hydrated and soothed from the inside out, you’re supporting an environment for healthy hair growth, stronger strands, and less shedding.”

“Every product we launch is born from our community’s feedback,” notes OUAI CEO, Colin Walsh. “We constantly received requests for products that address concerns like scalp dryness, dull strands and breakage. We also listened to our vegan and vegetarian customers who weren’t able to take our previous supplements. It’s exciting to be able to offer two new products that are fully vegan and work together as an effective, powerful duo for promoting thicker, fuller, longer-looking hair.”

Following a 16-week expert grading clinical study performed on 32 subjects, 100% of Scalp Serum users showed improvement in the look of fuller, thicker hair. And in OUAI’s 12-week consumer study of 115 participants, 90% of people reported an improvement in the appearance of their hair and 86% reported noticeably less shedding, when using Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Supplements together.

“Seeing the results from the clinicals and hearing from participants was astonishing,” adds Atkin. “To know that every single person in the Scalp Serum clinical study showed an improvement really wowed us. Struggling with hair concerns can be an emotional experience, hair is so often tied to our identities. To be able to offer products that help people feel better about the appearance of their hair is amazing.”

For the Scalp Serum, OUAI will be using a glass bottle that is 100% recyclable, along with a refill pouch for the Thick & Full Supplements, continuing to support their sustainability efforts. The Scalp Serum ($52 / 2 fl oz) and Thick & Full Supplements ($42 / 30 capsules) will be available starting May 3, 2022 at select retailers.

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