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CLEARSTEM Skincare and Keep a Breast Foundation partner to launch Bounceback Repair Serum for scars

  • CLEARSTEM Skincare Partners With Keep A Breast Foundation To Launch A Scar Serum for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • The non-toxic, clean skincare brand is proud to introduce its best-selling BOUNCEBACK Repair Serum for breast cancer-related scars and post-care needs.

This October, CLEARSTEM Skincare, the non-toxic, clean skincare brand is collaborating with Keep A Breast Foundation, a non-profit organization empowering young people around the world with breast health education and support, to release a limited-edition BOUNCEBACK Scar Serum for breast cancer-related scars and post-care needs. The potent stem cell and triple-peptide concentrate helps to smooth and flatten scars and wrinkles while reducing the overall appearance and color. For each bottle sold, $20 goes to the Keep A Breast Foundation.

Keep A Breast Foundation's sole mission is to reduce breast cancer risk through education, prevention, and action, putting consumer education at the forefront of the partnership. The BOUNCEBACK Scar Serum product packaging contains a QR code that directs you to the Keep A Breast App, a resource to guide you through your monthly breast self-checks.

"At Keep A Breast Foundation we are very passionate about non-toxic skincare because many chemicals used in personal care, such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, triclosan, and fragrance, have been directly linked to cancer and other diseases," says Shaney Jo Darden, Founder of Keep A Breast Foundation. "We love CLEARSTEM Skincare's mission to create non-toxic products that actually work while helping people feel their most confident in their own skin through education and empowerment."

CLEARSTEM Skincare's Co-Founder, Kayleigh Christina, is eager to raise awareness for living a preservative-free and non-toxic lifestyle after a personal experience getting a breast tumor removed at a young age.

"This collaboration is a dream come true and something I am super passionate about," says Kayleigh Christina, COO and Co-Founder of CLEARSTEM Skincare. "Why are more young women not taught how to check themselves, or educated about how toxic body products and medications can disrupt hormones leading to the development of tumors and cancer? The Keep A Breast app teaches you how to check yourself with monthly reminders, and they heavily educate you about non-toxic products."

CLEARSTEM Skincare's clean and effective formulations lighten acne scars, regulate oil production, reduce redness and inflammation while simultaneously increasing collagen and elasticity in the skin. The brand was founded in 2016 by health nutritionist Kayleigh Christina and skin care expert Danielle Gronich, both former acne sufferers driven by a mutual desire to help others achieve healthy and clear skin through high-quality, clean skincare products and healthy lifestyle choices.

The BOUNCEBACK Scar Serum x Keep A Breast Foundation and all of CLEARSTEM Skincare's products are available online at for $28.00-$159.00.

Follow CLEARSTEM Skincare on Instagram @clearstemskincare and Keep A Breast Foundation at @keepabreast.

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