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Business Connect Insider Now Features Meet the CEO Videos

Business Connect Insider, a program of FC Global Strategies LLC, today announced that Meet the CEO Videos are now featured at its website and that the videos are now incorporated in its AI Connect Marketing Program.

Commenting on the change, Jeffrey Friedland, CEO of FC Global Strategies stated, “Business Connect Insider and Meet the CEO Videos have had separate website strategies and marketing programs. Combining them is a game changer. Business Connect Insider is now augmenting the impact of its artificial intelligence-driven marketing program with the impact of the interview format of Meet the CEO Videos.”

About Business Connect Insider

The Business Connect Insider website features Showcase Videos, Interviews with management of companies in a variety of industries. The videos are focused on discussing, in a hard-hitting video interview format, a company’s business and financial objectives.

A special focus of Business Connect Insider includes industries and sectors including:

  • Consumer packaged goods (CPGs)

  • Online and brick and mortar retail

  • Service businesses including insurance, real estate and real estate development

  • Business, financial, insurance, and technology services.

Business Connect Insider also sponsors its proprietary AI Connect Marketing Program, which couples the impact of a video interview, with website, online and artificial intelligencedriven distribution.

The AI Connect Marketing Program enables start-up, early-stage, entrepreneurial, and growing companies to target:

  • Business decision-makers

  • Potential customers

  • Potential strategic and financial partners

  • Potential research and development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution partners

  • Existing and potential investors

To view the entire news release click here.

For more information go to the Business Connect Insider website.

About FC Global Strategies

FC Global Strategies has a long history of enabling entrepreneurs and growing businesses, in the US and globally, to achieve their business and financial objectives. This includes assistance to companies and projects globally with their business development, corporate finance, and cross-border objectives.

In addition to the United States, this includes companies and projects in the United States, Spain, Morocco, Israel, Germany, China, Canada, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

In addition to providing its core strategic advisory services, a major focus of FC Global Strategies is the development and implementation of artificial intelligence-driven marketing strategies with the convergence of video marketing strategies. This AI capability provides the ability for targeting based on the company's industry, sector, location and business and/or financial objectives.

The artificial intelligence technology and tools are provided by an affiliate, FC Analytics. In addition to Business Connect Insider,

FC Global Strategies also sponsors other website and marketing strategies for:

For more information go to the FC Global Strategies LLC website


Jeffrey Friedland

FC Global Strategies LLC

+1 646-450-8909


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