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Bevana Launches E-commerce Platform to Change the Way Consumers Buy Craft Beverages

Allowing Customers to Discover New Beverages Online With Shipping to 42 States

Bevana launches its new e-commerce platform this week, changing the way that customers buy craft beverages forever. The platform will continue the company’s mission of expanding the connection between drinkers and the real people who make their favorite beverages, allowing customers to discover a new world of drinks and makers every time they place an order.

Rather than buying inventory through the traditional three-tier system, Bevana works directly with its partners to provide options to meet the needs of any drinker, as well as directly supporting the passionate small businesses that make the beverage industry so unique, all without passing on hidden costs and fees to the customer. This will make it easy for anyone in search of unique flavors and experiences to discover exciting new products and to continue to support the small businesses they already know and love.

Bevana launches a new e-commerce platform allowing consumers to discover and order craft beverages online. Tweet this

“Buying alcohol online has always been a frustrating, expensive process for many customers. Individual beverage companies can often only ship within their home state, and it’s a significant burden for them to manage even then. For other marketplaces, oftentimes they either have to warehouse enormous amounts of products that they may never be able to sell, or they have to buy it directly from a retailer. Either way, that’s a lot of added expense that usually gets passed on to the customer,” explained Matthew Juaire, Bevana’s Director of E-Commerce.

“With Bevana, we can offer an unbeatable selection of different beverages without that extra step. That gives us the ability to connect people and makers not only more affordably, but with better quality control and better service, wherever we ship.”

With access to an ever-growing, curated selection of the world’s best craft beverages, Bevana will offer all of the choices and connections that enthusiasts want, without the hassle and headache of expensive middlemen. It is an extension of the company’s core values, helping bridge the gap between artisans and drinkers in a way that benefits them both.

“People are passionate about what they drink. But they are even more passionate about why they drink. The ability to bring people together over something handcrafted by real people, at real independent companies, is what made so many people fall in love with the craft beverage industry in the first place,” explained Aaron MJ Gore, Bevana’s Senior Director of Business Development. “We’re just lucky that we get to help make that connection every day, both online and at stores across the world.”

Customers in forty-two states can order all of their favorite Bevana beverages online at for delivery directly to their door. For all orders over $65, free shipping is also available using the promo code FINDBEVANA22.

About Bevana: Bevana is a platform that connects artisan beverage makers with eager customers that they would otherwise be unable to reach. We partner with the best independent beverage makers across the globe to keep the craft in Craft Beverage, and to provide enthusiasts with the world’s best drinks, no matter where they are. Through Bevana, a new world of incredible beverage experiences are just a few short clicks away. Local passion, delivered globally.


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