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Argoid launches Shopify app providing customers with access to their AI technology to increase sales

The new Shopify app, Argoid Product Recommendations, boosts conversion rates through personalization today announced the launch of their Shopify product recommendation app. The app enables Shopify businesses to benefit from Argoid’s innovative AI-based personalization software to increase conversion, boost sales, and enhance customer experience.

• The new Shopify app, Argoid Product Recommendations, boosts conversion rates through personalization

• App enables e-commerce stores to offer a personalized experience to each of their individual shoppers on different pages of their website, at a special launch pricing of just $50 per month.

• Subscription includes 14-day free trial for new customers

Access to a selection of Argoid’s cutting-edge features means e-commerce stores can efficiently add recommendation sliders or ribbons to their webpage, such as ‘Top Deals, ‘Similar Products, ’Latest Arrivals’ and so on. App users can choose to implement these on the store's home page, product description page, collection page and cart page.

With the advantage of AI-powered techniques, used to predict consumer behavior accurately, the recommendation sliders successfully increase average order value, conversion rates, and boost overall sales. These real time recommendations, completely personalized to each customers’ tastes and preferences, have significantly boosted many e-commerce stores’ performance.

Argoid CEO Gokul Muralidharan said “It’s frightening to see B2C and B2B eCommerce players struggle against Amazon, Alibaba and other giants. We are here to disrupt the system, enabling and growing eCommerce players. We’re solving real, substantial shopper problems, giving them individualized experiences and product discovery."

The quick and easy-to-use app is designed to save time with setup completed in less than 60 minutes. Argoid smoothly integrates with the latest Shopify themes, to complement the store's aesthetic, and offers further style and editing options to ensure seamless integration to the website.

Here’s what some customers have had to say:

HerbsPro (United States): Great app. Quick and easy to set up, integrates perfectly with our theme. The easiest way to display alternative products, related products, trending products, and best selling products on the website and we've had absolutely no issues!

Softy Wipes (United States): I used this app to help with personalization, It was easy to install and deploy. Great tool to enhance personalized marketing and sales conversions.

Rareism (India): They did a good job with the intelligence created for recommendation on product description page. The results were at par with the targets.

Source: Argoid

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