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AfterShip launches "Personalization" for Shopify to provide upsell and cross-sell solutions

New eCommerce product helps Shopify Plus merchants increase revenue and boost AOV by up to 25% per order

AfterShip, the industry-leading customer experience platform for eCommerce, today announces the launch of a new upsell and cross-sell solution for Shopify storefronts. AfterShip Personalization provides onsite offers on the Product, Cart, Post-purchase, and Checkout pages and is exclusively available for Shopify Plus merchants.

“Our Personalization team understands users’ pain points throughout the checkout process, which is why we equip our digital merchants with the best products to overcome them” Tweet this

AfterShip Personalization is one of the first Shopify Checkout Extensibility Launch Partners to offer the new checkout extension. It is available in all 170+ countries where Shopify operates. With Personalization, brands can increase their revenue and boost the average order value (AOV) by up to 25% per order.

The new product supports all Shopify themes, including the most popular ones - Debut and Dawn - and other customized themes. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), AfterShip Personalization leverages buyer behavior with a cookieless data tracking method, so shoppers no longer have to accept cookies on their devices. The premium offering provides the following features:

  • Eliminates coding when editing checkout pages; now merchants simply configure the page, enable upsell and cross-sell, and drag and drop for different positioning

  • Streamlines efforts and reduces complicated manual product picking with automatic AI-driven recommendations for complementary products

  • Provides flexible merchandising rules in real-time, increasing efficiency for businesses with several SPUs and allowing them to promote products on demand

  • Creates a better user experience during checkout with no interruptions, which leads to less abandoned carts

  • Ensures GDPR compliance for Shopify merchants, offering the highest care of customer privacy

AfterShip Personalization provides a powerful AI-driven recommendation engine, supporting 12+ recommendation types; this gives shoppers recommendations in real-time. The new product arms merchants with various promotion tools for added convenience, such as countdown timers, discount codes, free shipping bars, and more. With these features, Shopify merchants can easily increase their revenue by at least 2-5%.

Customers will also enjoy a smoother online shopping experience from merchants that use AfterShip Personalization. Without this tool, checkout modifications often lead to page refreshes, interrupting shopping behavior and reducing conversion rates. With Personalization, checkout will not be disrupted. Moreover, the style capture automatically reflects the store’s style, including font, color, button shape, etc., to provide customers with a seamless and consistent journey.

“Our Personalization team understands users’ pain points throughout the checkout process, which is why we equip our digital merchants with the best products to overcome them,” said Andrew Chan, Co-Founder and CPO at AfterShip. “Our partnership with Shopify offers eCommerce businesses a powerful solution to supercharge their checkout and purchase efforts, enabling a stronger upsell and cross-sell strategy to increase AOV and conversion rates.”

AfterShip Personalization is available now through the Shopify app store: For more information about AfterShip Personalization, please visit

About AfterShip

AfterShip’s customer experience platform sparks loyalty and engagement for global eCommerce brands and retailers. With a full suite of software covering the entire customer journey—from email automation solutions, SMS marketing, and product reviews to shipment tracking, returns management, estimated delivery dates, and multi-carrier shipping, AfterShip helps brands enhance the customer journey at every step. With 14,000+ customers, AfterShip is used by industry titans such as eBay and Yahoo, as well as iconic brands including TOMS, Kylie Cosmetics, YETI, and Harry’s. Recognized as a Retail Technology Power Player by Business Insider, AfterShip integrates with 1,000+ carriers worldwide and empowers top retailers and Fortune 500 companies to drive additional revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve CX.

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