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Marketing Program

We've been described by more than one client as "marketing strategists and implementers." That phrase has stayed  with us.   


We're best known for our AI Connect Marketing Program and our InsiderTalks Videos.  


Our AI Connect Marketing Program combines the impact of an InsiderTalks Video with our targeted website, email and AI-targeted social media distribution

AI Connect Marketing Program

Our AI Connect Marketing Program couples the impact of an InsiderTalks Video interview with proprietary website, email, and artificial intelligence-targeted distribution with social media and digitial distribution.

Introduction to our AI Connect Marketing Program

Our AI Connect Marketing Program consists of:


  • The InsiderTalks Video is hosted at the Business Connect Insider, Medical and Pharma Insider, or Emerging Technology Insider websites. All registered website members receive an email alert when the InsiderTalks Video is posted.

  • We utilize our AI-driven targeting to identify appropriate recipients of your InsiderTalks video, based on factors including your business or financial objectives,  your industry or sector, and your location.  and sector.

  • Your InsiderTalks Video can also be posted to your company’s website, distributed to your email lists of customers, potential customers, and contacts, and used by your company for other business and corporate purposes.

  • We have a variety of programs available. To request specifics and pricing, click here.

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