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Our Industries and Sectors

While our Business Connect Insider AI Connect Marketing Program, including our InsiderTalks videos are beneficial for companies in all industries and sectors, we have specific expertise and hands-on experience with numerous industries...

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Our Industries and Sectors Include:

  • Alternative energy 

  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals

  • Brick and Mortar retail

  • Business Services

  • Financial services

  • Healthcare technologies and services 

  • Information security and cybersecurity 

  • Insurance services

  • Internet of Things (IOT) 

  • Medical devices 

  • Mining exploration and development

  • Natural resources

  • Oil and gas

  • E-commerce and online retail

  • Product manufacturers and distributors

  • Information technology

  • Service businesses

  • Franchisors

  • Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD 

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)

Specialized Industry and Sector Expertise


In  addition to Business Connect Insider's general industry focus,  we have specific website strategies and programs for:

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