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AI Connect

Our AI Connect Marketing  Program enables companies of all sizes to couple the impact of an InsiderTalks Video  interview with our proprietary and targeted distribution.


The objective? To reach targeted professionals, business owners, potential customers, potential strategic partners, and private equity, venture capital, and family office investors.


What makes our program unique is our combining the  impact and  credibility of an InsiderTalks video with  website,  email, social  media,  and  most importantly AI-enabled targeting and distribution.

Our Marketing Process

Key to  our success for our clients is our marketing  process, consisting of 11 key steps.  

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AI Targeting

A key to the program is our AI targeting, using our proprietar artificial intelligence technology.

We're able to target social media business users based on factors including:

  • Your business or financial objectives

  • Your industry or sector

  • Your location

  • Job titles

  • Number of employees

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An introduction to our AI Connect Marketing Program

Our Industry and Sector Focus

While our Business Connect Insider AI Connect Marketing Program including our InsiderTalks videos are beneficial for companies in all industries and sectors, we have specific expertise and hands-on experience with numerous industries and sectors.

We also have specialized programs for medical,  pharma, healhcare, and medical device companies; and for technology companies.

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