Marketing Programs

Program Packages

Our most popular program packages are below.  We also can create customized programs based on your company's needs.

AI Connect Marketing Program

Basic Program Video -  production and three-week distribution 

with the distribution repeated weekly


  • Extended Distribution Program - Video production and 

six-week distribution with the distribution repeated weekly          


  • Annual program - new video production every two months and website, email and AI-targeted social media distribution every other week    

Optional news release and distribution about the new InsiderTalks Video 


Optional add-ons:


If a company is in an industry or sector that better fits one of our other website programs, Medical and Pharma Insider, or Emerging Technology Insider, the video production and distribution can be substituted for that of Business Connect Insider.


If a company prefers to have distribution from more than one of our website programs, e.g. Business Connect Insider and Emerging Technology Insider, or Medical and Pharma Insider,  since there is very little overlap with our distribution, costs are available upon request.


Annual program with up to 12 news releases annually.  

One-week distribution at our website, and by email 


(The price does not include writing and editing of press 

releases, nor third-party costs for wire service distribution 

to augment the AI Connect Marketing Program distribution.)

QuikConnect Marketing Program