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Business Connect Insider's AI Connect Marketing Program

Business Connect Insider's AI Connect Marketing Program  couples the impact of a video interview, and our proprietary website and email distribution with artifical intelligence targeted social media and online distribution.

Our AI Connect Marketing Program enables start-up, early-stage, entrepreneurial, subsidiaries of major corporations, and growing companies to target:


  • Business decision-makers

  • Potential customers

  • Potential strategic and financial partners

  • Potential research and development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution partners

  • Existing and potential investors

What Are Showcase Videos?

Showcase Videos enable you to watch  video interviews with m anagement of start-up, early-stage, growing, and middle-market companies. 


All these companies have specific business or financial objectives.  These typically include obtaining:

  • Customers for products, services or technology

  • Distributors, sales organizations or sales representatives

  • Franchisees or licensees  for business opportunities, technology or services

  • Investment or financial transactions with private equity, family office, venture capital, and strategic investors

  • Exposure for existing or newvproducts, services, or technology

  • General interest in the company from industry participants and investors

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We always provide contact information for the featured company. We encourage you to contact company management directly.

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  • Transactions and financings

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Strategic relationships

  • Launches of new products, services or technology